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Equine nutrition is complicated and continuously evolving. Our equine nutrition experts are here to provide you with fast facts, quick hits and go-to guidance. Because when you have questions about choosing the right solution to support horse health and performance, you can be sure the answer is always TruEquine.

Science Short: Healthy Gut, Healthy Horse

Proper gut function is critical for maintaining horse health. TruEquine delivers consistent and specific metabolites to support gut resilience and structure.

Better Together: Immunity & Digestive Health

A horse’s gut is the engine that drives horse health and performance. TruEquine builds upon the strong digestive-immune connection to support horse health and performance

Research Summary: Stress Management

Horses face varying levels of stress every day. When added through feeds or supplements, TruEquine can help keep everyday stress in check.

Research Summary: Joint Support

A horse’s knees and joints take on a great deal of stress as they age or as performance requirements increase. TruEquine helps support joint health…

Research Summary: Gut Function

Within every healthy horse is a healthy gut. TruEquine postbiotic nourishes each horse’s unique microbiome for greater gut health and less digestive challenges.

Science Short: The Gut Economy

The gut microbiome works similarly to a local economy. TruEquine postbiotics help the horse’s “gut economy” running smoothly.

Science Short: The Fermentation Effect

TruEquine harnesses the power of fermentation to give the gut exactly what horses need to thrive.