Horse gut health

TruEquine™ supports a healthy hindgut microbiome for optimal horse gut health, digestion and gut function, helping soothe the stomach.

Beneficial microbes break down both fiber and undigested starch into useful byproducts called Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs). These VFAs are then absorbed by the horse as useful energy which can help their gut become healthier, more absorptive, and resilient.

VFAs provide at least 30% of the energy needed by the horse, while also helping maintain the health of the cecum and colon by supporting cell growth, blood flow, and the normal functions of the intestine.

TruEquine contains fermentable nutrients that increase VFA production to help support normal, healthy gut function.

In horses fed TruEquineVFA concentration was greater compared to control horses or those fed Inulin.

Horse Gut Health Chart


Let us share how TruEquine Postbiotic can support your horse's gut health.