The Proven Power of Postbiotics

Ride with the leader and see why TruEquine is always the answer when it comes to supporting horse health.

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Fuel your products with additives that add real value.

As the leader in fermentation and postbiotic technology, we know how to enhance your products, boost your profits, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Why trust TruEquine to deliver a winning formula for feed and supplement additives? It’s a research-proven feed ingredient that sustains a horse’s health.

Works with the biology of horses to help support a healthy immune system, manage physiological response to everyday stressors, and support joint health and mobility.

Ideal for use in all classes of equine diets to support optimal health and performance.

Provides the right combination of metabolites to optimize horse health and overall well-being.

TruEquine™ Benefits at Work

Postbiotics are full of hundreds of bioactive compounds that work in step with the biology of the horse to support health and performance. Best of all, regardless of a horse’s stress level or nutritional status, TruEquine can complement and enhance their daily diet and nutritional well-being.

Joint Support:

Promotes Joint Health

TruEquine helps improve horse joint health following exercise.

Gut Function:

Promotes Healthy Digestion

TruEquine helps soothe the stomach and supports optimal horse gut health.

Stress Management:

Supports A Healthy Immune System

Keeps stress in check by building up a healthy immune system.


Postbiotics help foster overall wellness in horses.





So, what exactly is a postbiotic?

Created using a natural fermentation process, postbiotics are proven to support a healthy digestive tract. They work in the gut along with prebiotics and probiotics to help fast-track the process of fueling metabolites — or “the goods” horses need to build a strong immune system and maintain overall well-being.

Here’s the difference and how it all works together:


They are the fuel for beneficial microorganisms in the gut. They are not live organisms, but rather non-digestible nutrients that help “feed” the microbes in the gut of the horse.


Probiotics, such as live beneficial bacteria, are supplemented to provide extra factories to utilize prebiotics, fiber, and FODMAP to make metabolites.


Postbiotics are produced through precise fermentation inputs and processes outside of the animal to create beneficial metabolites, “the goods.”


Metabolites present in postbiotics are substances that are produced by bacteria and yeast, which include “the goods” that support health, such as amino acids, vitamins, short chain fatty acids and more.
TruEquine combines it all into one powerful solution to create an additive that delivers real, healthy results for horses.

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